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Our Word

Each year our management team collaborates to come up with “one word” that will be the driving force and focus around everything we do.  This one word, in its simple form, provides clarity, creativity, power, and passion.  Our “word” impacts our personal and professional lives emotionally, mentally, physically, spiritually, and financially.


This year, for 2022, our word is “Balance.” 

The French phrase, ‘Mise En Place’ (pronounced meez-on plahs) roughly translates to ‘Everything in it’s place’. Mise En Place is the basis of French cooking and a philosophy that centers on balance.

Balance is the ‘One Word’ for Home Nursery in 2022. As a company and as individuals, it is important to create balance in business and in our personal life. This year we will focus on our growth, goals, decisions, and processes and strive to create balance.

Great cooking, much like great horticulture, is easy to devour. It inspires us to reach beyond our current understanding of greatness towards new heights. But it starts with a good recipe – a balanced one. At Home Nursery, we are dedicated to creating balance for our employees and customers.

We have been dialing in our Mise En Place for over 100 years, and we are dedicated to bringing balanced horticulture from our Home to yours. We hope you’ll return happy – and hungry for more.

~Lincoln Thomas, Home Nursery Inventory Specialist


Past Words

  • 2021:  MomentumWe chose this word because we have been building our team, increasing the number of plants we are growing, expanding our facilities, and seeing strong sales.  We are excited about the growth we have been experiencing and looking forward to continuing the “momentum” this year!
  • 2020: Evolving - We chose the word 'Evolving' to be our focus because we are always trying to improve, remain competitive, stay relevant, and grow both in our careers, personal, and family lives.
  • 2019: Quality - The word 'Quality' represents the backbone of our company. We strive for quality in everything we do from plants, people, processes, and even in our personal lives.

Ann Tosovsky, President, with our 2022 word of the year
Ann Tosovsky, President, with our 2022 word of the year