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Internship Program

Objective: To offer college students practical exposure to every aspect of the horticulture production industry
via short-term assignments in every department of Home Nursery, Inc.


10-week internship (subject to change if intern's schedule requires it).

• Container Department - 3 weeks
• Nursery Department - 2 weeks
• Propagation/Greenhouse Department - 1 week
• Shipping Department - 1 week
• Sales Department - 1 week
• Service Department - 1 week
• Stock Shops & Purchase Plant Departments - 1 week


1. The intern will be assigned a company sponsor who will be responsible
for the orientation of the intern, coordination of moves between departments,
and reports from the intern, which will chronicle and critique his/her daily
activities. It is the sponsor's responsibility to ensure that the intern has
an enjoyable and successful stay with us.

2. Each department head in conjunction with his/her supervisor will be responsible
for developing the activities of the intern in their department. This proposed
schedule of activities must be submitted to Ann Tosovsky and/or Tayler Jordan
prior to the recruitment process.

3. The intern will be allowed access to management meetings when appropriate.

4. Potential department rotation and activities as follows:

Week #1 Container Department: spacing, potting, irrigation, herbicide
Week #2 Shipping Department: pulling containers, B&B staging,
loading, scheduling, paper work, delivery to customer.
Week #3 Greenhouse & Propagation Department: taking cuttings,
sticking cuttings, misting, annual maintenance, irrigation,
injector training.
Week #4 Sales Department: tagging containers, quality control,
crop evaluation, in-house rep duties, visit customers with
outside sales rep, participate in meeting with marketing firm.
Week #5 Container Department: propagation, IPM (scouting and
spraying), Pot-n-Pot, potting, drip irrigation, trimming.
Week #6 Service Department: order entry, payables, receivables
banking, assorted clerical tasks, payroll.
Week #7 Nursery Department: digging, IPM (scouting and spraying)
trimming, staking, irrigating, cultivation, backpacking.
Week #8 Stock Shop & Purchase Plant Departments: Spend 2 days
at each Stock Shop assisting in all aspects of their daily
activities, accompany Keith Dintelmann on a 1-day buying
Week #9 Container Department: block development, polyhouse
construction, weed barrier, perennial potting, propagation,
fertilizing (injection & topdressing),
Week #10 Nursery Department: field preparation, liner preparation,
lineout, irrigation, herbicide application, cultivation.


1. Daily reports created by the intern.
2. Input from Home Nursery, Inc. sponsor on a weekly basis.
3. Critique of each week by the department head.
4. Critique of the program by the intern at the end of the internship.
5. Critique of the program by the university sponsor.
6. Re-evaluate the program by all Home Nursery, Inc. employees involved at a meeting after
the internship is completed.


• Requirement for internship: horticulture experience or desire to work in the field
• Housing is available
• Intern will be required to work no more than 40 hours per week (more if desired by the intern).
• Intern will be required to provide his/her own transportation.
• 30 minutes at the end of each day should be provided for intern to complete his/her daily journal notes.
• Home Nursery is a drug-free work place.
• Intern is required to follow Home Nursery's policies and procedures.
• Home Nursery will work with the internship coordinator to ensure all requirements are being met.
• Intern may be required to do oral presentation to the Executive Management group after internship is completed.

Send resume and optional cover letter to:

Home Nursery, Inc.
Attn. Tayler Jordan
PO Box 128
Albers, IL 62215


A beautiful place to spend the summer
A beautiful place to spend the summer

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