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Shipping Laborer Job Description

Department: Shipping                      

Job Title: Laborer

Organizational Relationship: Reports to the supermarket crew leader on the dock

Major Goals and Responsibilities:

  • Handle plant material with care
  • Be able to count
  • Perform job tasks for other departments when needed
  • Required to work minimum of 40 hours per week with regular attendance (Saturday are required)
  • Follow company policies      
  • Be able to identify plants
  • Able to do steady lifting

Prerequisites: None, there is training upon hiring

Primary People Contacts:

  • Fellow Shipping Employees
  • Pullers
  • Supermarket Crew Leader
  • Shipping Manager

Specific Responsibilities:

  • Build racks
  • Shop the supermarket (Pull plants and put on CC racks)
  • Tag plants
  • Shrink wrap CC racks
  • Load trucks with CC racks and/or BB material 

Toughest Parts of the Job:

  • Working in bad weather conditions
  • Continuous production
  • Being flexible enough to work in different areas on the dock

Performance Feedback: The Supermarket crew leader will communicate with this person daily and use the scoreboard to judge their performance

Starting Wage: $11.00 /hour

Send Resume to:

Home Nursery, Inc.
Attn: Mike Becker
PO Box 128
Albers, IL 62215