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O'Fallon, MO Distribution Center Skilled Laborer Job Posting


Job Title: O'Fallon, Missouri Distribution Center Skilled Laborer

Organizational Relationship: Reports to the ODC Manager and in his absence reports to ODC Assistant Manager

Major Goals and Responsibilities:

  • To service customers in the selection and loading of all purchases
  • To unload all deliveries of stock in a timely fashion
  • To care for all plant material and maintain it in saleable condition
  • To present a proper and professional image to customers


  • High School education or equivalent work experience
  • Plant knowledge and identification
  • Experienced operating Bobcat loaders or similar equipment

People Managed: Laborers and seasonal workers under the direction of the ODC Manager

Primary People Contacts:

  • Customers
  • Co-workers
  • ODC Manager & Assitant Manager

Specific Responsibilities:

  • To assist customers in the selection and loading of material and doing so in a timely fashion
  • To keep accurate counts of material being loaded for invoicing purposes
  • To present a positive and professional image to the O’Fallon Distribution Center customer through proper dress*, appearance, attitude and language
  • To assist in the receiving of purchased plants as directed by the Manager (i.e. counting plants, leading crew, etc.)
  • To assist the Manager in the training of Laborers in the proper performance of their job
  • To maintain the cultural integrity and salability of plant material through proper and timely weeding, spacing, fertilizing, shading, trimming, potting, shifting, re-burlapping, watering, heeling and winterizing, all at the direction of the ODC Manager
  • Tag all purchased plants upon arrival
  • To operate all equipment in a safe manner
  • To maintain the sales lot appearance making it clean and free of trash and other debris including weeds
  • To help pull and load orders for delivery
  • To assure accurate counts being loaded for deliveries
  • Help make repairs on irrigation lines when necessary
  • Any other activities deemed necessary by the Manager in the regular function of the O’Fallon Distribution Center
  • To unload deliveries of plant material from Home Nursery in an orderly and timely manner and to check those deliveries for quantity and quality

*Dress Code:

  • Boots must be in good repair and cover the ankle
  • Clean pants with no holes
  • Shorts are acceptable during the summer months (if of reasonable length)

Toughest Parts of the Job:

  • Dealing with an influx of customers and/or deliveries
  • Working in inclement weather
  • Starting, stopping, and restarting projects
  • Training Laborers in the proper performance of their job

Performance Feedback:

  • Annual evaluations
  • Informal reviews conducted daily/weekly

Send Resume to:

Home Nursery, Inc.
Attn: Tayler Heinemeier
PO Box 128
Albers, IL 62215