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O'Fallon Distribution Center Laborer Job Posting

Department: 140 O’Fallon Distribution Center

Job Title: Laborer

Organizational Relationship: Reports to the O.D.C. Manager

In his absence reports to ODC Asst. Manager/Lot Foreman

Major Goals and Responsibilities:

To unload all deliveries of stock in a timely fashion

To care for all plant material and maintain it in saleable condition

To present a proper and professional image to customers


· Physically able to perform the tasks associated with this job.

People Managed:

· Yourself

Primary People Contacts:

· Co-workers

· Manager

· Customers

Specific Responsibilities:

· When requested by a Sales Associate, to assist that sales associate in helping customers in the selection and loading of material and doing so in a timely fashion.

· To present a positive and professional image to the O.D.C. customer through proper dress*, appearance, attitude and language

*Dress Code: Boots must be in good repair and cover the ankle. Clean pants with no holes. Shorts are acceptable during the summer months if of reasonable length

· To unload deliveries of plant material in an orderly and timely manner and to check those deliveries for quantity and quality

· To maintain the cultural integrity and salability of plant material through proper and timely weeding, spacing, fertilizing, shading, trimming, potting, shifting, reburlapping, watering, heeling and winterizing, all at the direction of the O.D.C. Manager

· Tag all purchased plants upon arrival

· To operate all equipment in a safe manner and efficient manner

· To maintain the sales lot appearance making it clean and free of trash and other debris including weeds

· Responsible for daily stand up of plants

· To help pull orders

· Any other activities deemed necessary by the Manager in the regular function of the O’Fallon Distribution Center

Toughest Parts of the Job:

· Unloading multiple trucks in a day

· Working in inclement weather

· Starting, stopping, and restarting projects

Performance Feedback:

· Annual evaluations

· Informal reviews conducted daily/weekly

Send resume to:

Home Nursery, Inc.
Attn: Jeff Van Buren
PO Box 128
Albers, IL 62215