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Breast Cancer Awareness Month

1 in 8 women will be diagnosed with breast cancer in their lifetime. Breast cancer doesn't just affect women, 1% of breast cancer patients are men, roughly 1 in 800 men will be diagnosed in their lifetimes. There is currently no known cure for breast cancer, and its early diagnosis is critical to survival. This October, in celebration of our 100 year anniversary, we are raising money for the National Breast Cancer Foundation, an organization that aims to provide all women and men with access to lifesaving information and cancer screenings.


Donations have been made in Remembrance & Support of the Following Individuals:

  • Judi Allen Brown 
  • Linda Barnard
  • Tina Martis
  • Willie Love
  • Sue Newkirk
  • Betty Tosovsky
  • Stepahnie Schaefor
  • Marcy Buckles
  • Joanie Ranz aka "School Mom"
  • Misty Roberts
  • Katina Hardin 
  • Kris Shubert
  • Rosalinda López
  • Darlene Beer

Contact to help us reach our goals!
Contact to help us reach our goals!