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Albers Distribution Center Manager Job Posting

Job Title: Albers Distribution Center Manager

Organizational Relationship: Reports directly to the re-wholesale manager and in his absence the company president

Major Goals and Responsibilities: To manage the Albers distribution center at a profit, in accordance with the policies of Home Nursery, to provide excellent service to customers, and to maximize sales

Prerequisites: Bachelors degree in horticulture or equivalent work experience

People Managed:

  • Distribution Center Asst. Manager
  • Skilled Laborers
  • Laborers
  • Various staff from other departments, which may be assigned to duty at the Distribution Center on a temporary basis

Primary People Contacts:

  • Customers
  • Re-Wholesale Manager
  • Distribution Center Staff
  • Corporate Office Staff
  • Shipping Department Manager
  • Shipping Department Dock Foreman
  • Purchase Plants Supervisor
  • Inventory Manager

Specific Responsibilities:


  • To greet customers and interact with them in a professional and courteous manner
  • To assist customers in the selection and loading of material and doing so in a timely fashion
  • To insure a positive image is presented to customers by the DistributionCenter staff (i.e. dress, attitude, appearance, and language)
  • Set and follow customer service procedures through both example and proper training
  • Assures the tagging of all sold or hold items
  • Takes all special requests and follows up on if materials are available
  • To perform and record customer invoicing and transactions according to Home Nursery policy
  • To answer and respond to phone calls in a professional and prompt manner
  • Handle all customer oriented problems related to Albers Dist. Center Sales


  • Professionally reflect our corporation market strategy while conducting business activity
  • Prepares all weekly availabilities and messaging through the Constant Contact platform in coordination with the O’fallon Distribution Center Office Manager
  • Work with Home Nursery Sales Team on all other Marketing efforts and events related to Albers DC sales
  • Provides after the sale follow up as needed
  • Keep abreast changing customer needs and market conditions
  • Prepares special events such as open house


  • Prepare and monitor annual budget
  • Maintaining necessary operation and personnel records
  • Prepare required regular and special reports
  • Attend required meetings
  • Participate as a member of the Home Nursery Management Team
  • Responsible for hourly employee relations at the Albers DC
  • Enforces company policy and works within the guidelines of the employee handbook
  • Enforces safety and OSHA requirements at the work site and follows accident-reporting procedures
  • Responsible for proper and efficient use of tools, supplies and labor
  • Recruitment and Hiring of all new DistributionCenter employees
  • Initial Training of all new employees and continuous training for all DistributionCenter employees
  • Administers all performance and wage evaluations as needed

Plants and Lot

  • Establishes and maintains the cultural care needed to insure high quality and continued salability of all DistributionCenter plant stock
  • Responsible for maintaining a well organized and professional looking sales lot and display area
  • Make a daily inspection of entire sales lot to insure proper plant care and attractive displays
  • Check weekly for any non-salable plants and discard
  • Oversee that all plants are tagged with proper tags
  • Checks to see that the grounds are free from weeds, debris and obstructions
  • Maintains a neat and orderly office at all times


  • Continuously work to upgrade the quality and selection of plants and hard goods available
  • Evaluate usage reports in preparing projections for “wish list and Home Nursery bookings
  • Evaluate inventory weekly for re-stocking orders
  • Oversees the receiving process for quality and quantity and all paperwork associated with deliveries of internal and external materials
  • Determine which hard goods to stock and process as needed
  • To maintain a complete and accurate inventory at all times
  • Take complete physical counts at the end of both calendar and fiscal year
  • Complete periodic inventory inspections to insure accuracy
  • Oversee all inventory adjustments

Toughest Parts of the Job:

  • Working in the rain / bad weather
  • Dealing with an influx of customers                          
  • Keeping up with a dynamic inventory and processing of paperwork

Performance Feedback:

  • Formal evaluations will be given annually using the criteria from this job description
  • Weekly meetings with Rewholesale Manager to review current operations and discuss current problems

Send resume to:

Home Nursery, Inc.
Attn: Keith Dinntelmann
PO Box 128
Albers, IL 62215


Albers Distribution Center Manager Job Posting
Albers Distribution Center Manager Job Posting