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Home Nursery's 95-Year Anniversary and What it Means for You

This year we are celebrating our 95-year anniversary!

This year we are celebrating our 95-year anniversary!  Back in 1921, my grandfather, Ernest Tosovsky Sr., began selling vegetables in his hometown of Edwardsville, IL and through his vision, as well as the leadership of my father and  uncle, Chuck and Ernest Jr., we have grown from a one-man, home-town stand into one of the leading wholesale growers and suppliers in the Midwest.

I am so proud of how far we have come and feel so blessed by the fact that we have been able to keep the business in my family for almost 100 years.  In these days of mergers, acquisitions and consolidations, a long-standing, family-owned business is a big of an anomaly.

So you might be thinking, "Well, that's great for them, but how does this affect me? How can it help my business?

At Home Nursery, we recognize the fact that we would not be celebrating our 95-year anniversary without the support, dedication and commitment of our loyal customers.  Because of you, we have been able to expand the business into new territories to better serve customers throughout the Midwest, offer new plant varieties to keep you competitive and introduce new and original ways to provide high quality products you have come to expect.

As an example of this customer-focus, we will be implementing a "pot in pot" production system that uses containers placed inside permanent in-ground containers to improve growing and transporting.  The main benefit to you is that plants and trees can be harvested all year (for the most part) for improved availability versus waiting for the right time to dig in the fields.  Other benefits include greater stability for reduced tipping, root protection from extreme hot and cold temperatures and the ability to overwinter shrubs in a single location, which reduces stress on the plant.  The first pot in pot crop should be harvested in 2017.

Another example is our new "Lean Flow" shipping process.  We recently implemented this at our main farm, and now most loads are shipped on racks, which contributes to less breakage, reduces shortages and is easier to manage and unload.

We recognize the increasing importance of branded products in our industry, so we strive to carry the best plants of the most popular brands.  For the Independent Garden Centers, branded plants add value by having a branded pot and tag while also offering a higher profit margin.

These are just a few examples of initiatives being implemented to show our dedication to remaining relevant and leading edge.  We will continue to introduce new benefits to our customers this year and beyond.  We believe with this commitment, we will be in business for the next 95 years.

Our anniversary is the perfect time for us to reflect on our business and say Thank You to you, our loyal customers, for helping us succeed.

Look for more information on customer open houses later this year!